About PolicySource

An innovative tool to inform the human service sector, and the public, about federal legislation impacting youth, families, people with disabilities, and older adults

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PolicySource is a resource that collects, tracks, and communicates information about federal human services policy issues. PolicySource empowers nonprofits, particularly human services organizations, to work collaboratively, and to more effectively engage with policymakers, cultivating increased support for the sector at the federal level.


Ensuring that all children and young adults have access to the resources, services, and supports they need to reach their full human potential. View All


Ensuring that all families receive the social, emotional, and economic support they need to prosper. View All


Ensuring that all people with disabilities have the access, opportunity, and supports they need to thrive. View All

Older Adults

Ensuring that all older adults enjoy access to resources and services that enable them to remain active members of their communities, while aging with dignity. View All


Protecting the broader nonprofit sector’s ability to attract top talent, manage administrative functions, and maintain focus on its mission. View All