H.R.1011: Protecting Sensitive Locations Act


The Protecting Sensitive Locations Act (H.R. 1011) would expand and codify existing federal agency guidance related to immigration enforcement actions at so-called “sensitive locations,” including places of worship, health care facilities, and schools. This legislation would allow families to carry out basic activities without fear of arrest, detainment, or deportation. The bill also improves accountability by laying out a remedy process for individuals that are detained in breach of this policy and requiring ICE and CBP to report violations to Congress regularly.

S. 2097 is the Senate companion bill.

Talking Points

  • Ensuring that individuals and families, no matter their background, have equal access to essential public services is vital in fostering a welcoming society.
  • No parent should be fearful of picking up their child from school or taking their child to the doctor will lead to their arrest and deportation.
  • The National Assembly strongly supports S. 2097 because it will allow families to contribute more fully to their communities and access basic human services with a sense of safety and security.

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February 06, 2019


House Judiciary Committee

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