H.R.1354: Territories Health Equity Act of 2019


The Territories Health Equity Act (H.R. 1354) would improve the treatment of U.S. territories under the Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP programs.

The bill would specifically:
• Lift the dollar cap on territories’ annual Medicaid funding
• Eliminate the artificially low federal medical assistance percentage for Medicaid
• Provide for equitable Medicaid and Medicare disproportionate share hospital payments
• Automatically enroll eligible Puerto Rico residents in Medicare Part B
• Increase funding for prescription drug coverage for low-income Medicare beneficiaries
• Ensure residents have access to health insurance coverage that is as comprehensive as the coverage available to members of Congress
• Reauthorize the Family-to-Family Health Information Centers program

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February 25, 2019


House Energy and Commerce Committee

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