H.R.1442: PROVE Act


The PROVE Act is bicameral legislation that aims to reform federal elections to allow young Americans 16 and older to pre-register to vote, automatically adding them to voter rolls when they turn 18. The legislation allows states to offer pre-registration to people younger than 16 at their discretion. Currently, 20 states already allow pre-registration, and studies show that civic engagement among young people is higher in these states. Additionally, the PROVE Act would direct the Election Assistance Commission to issue grants to states for the purpose of increasing involvement in elections for people under 18. Plans for increasing involvement must include:

1. Methods to promote the use of the pre-registration process;
2. Modifications in school curriculum to promote civic engagement, and;
3. Other activities that the states consider appropriate.

To fund these grants, the PROVE Act would appropriate $25,000,000.

The Senate version of this bill is S. 621.

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February 28, 2019


House House Administration Committee

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Introduced or Prefiled

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Lindsay Torrico
Director of Education, Income and Health Policy
United Way Worldwide
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