H.R.1549: Air Carrier Access Amendments Act of 2019


The Air Carrier Access Amendments Act of 2019 (H.R. 1549) would prevent air carriers from discriminating against customers on the basis of disability. Currently, many disabled individuals face damaged equipment, delayed assistance and lack of seating accommodations while flying.
Specifically, the bill would:
• Strengthen ACAA enforcement by requiring referral of certain passenger-filed complaints to the Department of Justice and establishment of a private right of action;
• Ensure new airplanes are designed to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities by requiring airlines to meet defined accessibility standards. These standards will address safe and effective boarding and deplaning, visually accessible announcements, seating accommodations, lavatories, and better storage options for assistive devices;
• Require removal of access barriers on existing airplanes to the extent that it is readily achievable, easily accomplishable, and may be done without much difficulty or expense; and;
• Improve the overall safety of air travel for passengers with disabilities.

S. 669 is the Senate companion bill.


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March 06, 2019


House Transportation Committee

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