H.R.1971: Universal Full-Day Kindergarten Act


Universal Full-Day Kindergarten Act (H.R. 1971) would establish a grant program through the Department of Education (ED) to reward eligible entities for the purposes of carrying out free, full-day Kindergarten programs for the full school year. This bill would 4-to-1 federal matching funds to carry out high-quality, full-day Kindergarten programs taught by qualified teachers. An eligible entity is defined as a state or local educational agency.


Talking Points

  • The National Education Association (NEA) supports the legislation, stating that it would "ensure that kindergarten-aged children have early-education experiences that spark their desire to learn, including opportunities for developing cognitive, physical, and behavioral skills and for understanding how to process and manage emotions. Representative Gallego’s bill is a crucial step in ensuring that all children, regardless of where they live, have the support they deserve in our nation’s schools."
  • The National Assembly supports Universal Full-Day Kindergarten, as it would give more students the opportunity during their developmental years and beyond.

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March 28, 2019


House Education and Labor Committee

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Introduced or Prefiled