H.R.2818: Summer Meals Act of 2019


The Summer Meals Act (H.R. 2818) would expand accesses to federally funded meals to children during the summer. This bill would lower the community eligibility threshold from 50 percent to 40 percent and streamline the application processes for meal programs that operate year-round. The bill also appropriates $10 million in transportation grants annually so that children in rural communities can get increased access to summer meals. Finally, the bill would give flexibility to local administrators of summer nutrition programs by allowing extra meals to be served, and reimbursement in case meals are served off sight due to an emergency or natural disaster.

S. 1908 is the Senate companion bill.


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Talking Points

  • In America, one out of six children live in households suffering from food insecurity. Studies show that children who have inconsistent access to healthy food are hindered in their ability to learn, grow, and thrive.
  • Though food insecurity is partially alleviated for many children through the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs, during the summer months only 17 percent of children who receive free or reduced-price lunch at their school qualify for summer nutritional assistance.
  • By expanding the Summer Food Service Program to more communities, this bill would make great strides in closing the summer hunger gap and improving the health and wellbeing of millions of children.

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May 16, 2019


House Education and Labor Committee

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