H.R.2821: American Promise Act of 2019


The American Promise Act would provide immigrants who have been designated with temporary protected status the ability to apply for, and receive, permanent residency if they meet the following requirements:
• Must apply for permanent resident status within three years after the enactment of this legislation
• Must have been continually present in the U.S. for no less than three years preceding the enactment of this legislation
• Has not been deemed inadmissible on any of the grounds for inadmissibility under the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1182(a)).

Talking Points

  • The National Assembly supports this bill because providing legal status to immigrants who are already in our country will make our society more diverse, enriching social, cultural, and civic life as well as boosting the economy.
  • Further, this bill would create opportunities for people with temporary status to gain permanent status. When people have the opportunity to reach their full potential, they enrich America’s culture and economy.

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Date Introduced

May 17, 2019


House Judiciary Committee

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Out of Committee

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