H.R.3218: Diamond and Silk Act


The Diamond and Silk Act would strip “sanctuary cities” of all federal funding. The bill describes sanctuary cities as “a State or any political subdivision of a State that the Attorney General determines has in effect a statute, ordinance, policy, or practice that prohibits or in any way restricts, a Federal, State, or local government entity, official, or other personnel from … cooperating with Federal law enforcement officials” in enforcement of the Immigration and Nationality Act or from inquiring, notifying, or responding to requests from the Federal Government about the immigration status of individuals.

Talking Points

  • Most legal scholars agree that there is no requirement for local law enforcement or officials to help the federal government enforce federal laws, in turn, “sanctuary cities” are perfectly legal.
  • The National Assembly believes that providing legal status to immigrants who are already in our country will make our society more diverse, enriching social, cultural, and civic life as well as boosting the economy.
  • The National Assembly opposes this bill, as it would strip funding from local jurisdictions that refuse to assist the federal government in the detainment and deportation of immigrants.

Our Stance




Bill Number


Date Introduced

June 12, 2019


House Judiciary Committee

Bill Status

Introduced or Prefiled