H.R.323: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide a tax credit for expenses for household and elder care services necessary for gainful employment.


H.R. 323 would allow a new tax credit for a taxpayer’s employment-related expenses necessary to care for a dependent who has attained age 50.

Employment-related expenses include (1) expenses for household services; and (2) expenses for the care of the dependent, including respite care and hospice care. The expenses must be incurred to enable the taxpayer to be gainfully employed for any period for which there are one or more dependents that qualify for the credit.

The bill limits the amount of such credit to $3,000 for the care of one dependent and $6,000 for the care of two or more dependents of the taxpayer in a taxable year.

Talking Points

  • Many caregivers cannot afford to stop working in order to care for dependents over the age of 50 full-time
  • Providing a tax credit for services that allow caregivers to continue working benefits both the caregiver and the person who needs care
  • Expenses that allow a caregiver to retain gainful employment, such as respite care, help to ensure that the caregiver has the funds needed to adequately care for the individual
  • The National Assembly supports legislation that ensures older adults receive care that helps them thrive.

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January 08, 2019


House Ways and Means Committee

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Introduced or Prefiled

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Tanya Tassi
Policy Manager