H.R.3495: Improve Well-Being for Veterans Act


The Improve Well-Being for Veterans Act (H.R. 3495) would require the VA to issue suicide-prevention services prevention services grants for veterans and their family members. Under the bill, VA could award up to 25 grants in the first year, 35 in the second year, and 50 in the third and final year; with the value of each grant capped at $750,000 per year. The bill would also require the VA to equitably distribute grants across geographic regions and areas with the most need. Additionally, the VA would give preference to organizations that have experience providing suicide prevention services.

The cost of this program is estimated to be $90 million over three years.

S. 1906 is the Senate companion bill introduced by Sen. John Boozman.

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June 26, 2019


House Veterans' Affairs Committee

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