H.R.3645: Correct the Census Count Act


The Correct the Census Count Act would ensure that incarcerated individuals are counted at their last available address, rather than the facility in which they are incarcerated.

Talking Points

  • A fair and accurate census count ensures the proper distribution of federal funds and determines how residents are represented in federal, state, and local legislative bodies by apportioning congressional seats, Electoral College votes, and drawing state and local legislative districts
  • An inaccurate census leads to disproportionate constituent representation at all levels of government
  • Counting incarcerated individuals at the place where they are incarcerated inflates the population in these districts, giving them inaccurate representation and inflated federal funds for programs
  • Conversely, the places where incarcerated individuals actually reside lose representation and funding for essential services
  • In order to ensure fair and accurate representation and funding, the National Assembly supports counting incarcerated individuals at their last known place of residence.

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Bill Number


Date Introduced

July 09, 2019


House Oversight and Reform Committee

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Introduced or Prefiled