H.R.3760: Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Act


The Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Act would ensure concrete protection for the 2.5 million domestic workers across the United States. These rights would be broken into three parts and include the following:

1) Including Domestic Workers in Common Workplace Rights and Protections. This would include benefits such as overtime pay, paid sick days, protection from workplace harassment and discrimination, lunch breaks, and safety protections.
2) New Workplace Rights and Benefits and Addressing the Unique Challenges of Domestic Work. This would include written contracts, affordable healthcare, and retirement benefits, fair scheduling, support for survivors of sexual harassment, and grants for workforce training.
3) Ensuring that Employers respect these rights. This would be done by implementing and enforcing mechanisms to prevent retaliation, a confidential hotline and emergency access tool to address harassment, affordability for Medicaid consumers, and a worker and employer-led federal taskforce.

S. 2112 is the Senate companion bill.

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July 15, 2019


House Energy and Commerce Committee

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