H.R.4045: Disabled Access Credit Expansion Act


The Disabled Access Credit Expansion Act would expand the Disabled Access Credit (DAC), which allows businesses to write off expenses related to making facilities ADA-compliant. Additionally, it would increase funding for the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) ADA Mediation Program. This program refers ADA disputes to mediators, at no cost to either party, as an alternative to legal action. It also requires DOJ to provide a report to Congress outlining specific types of calls the ADA information line receives.

S.2290 is the companion bill in the Senate

Talking Points

  • H.R. 4045/S. 2290 would further incentivize businesses to expand access to disabled individuals.
  • The National Assembly supports this legislation, as it would increase access for people with disabilities.

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July 25, 2019


House Energy and Commerce Committee

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Introduced or Prefiled