H.R.4240: File Once FAFSA Act


H.R. 4240 would simplify the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for low-income families by requiring dependent Pell Grant recipients to file just once before going to college and forgo refiling in subsequent years. Under current law, students and parents are required to refile the FAFSA with updated financial information annually.

Talking Points

  • One in ten Pell Grant recipients who re-enroll in classes do not refile their FAFSA. The complexity and time-consuming nature of the refiling process has been attributed, in part, for this drop in Pell Grant re-enrolment.
  • This legislation would relax the burdensome Pell Grant refilling process and allow students to focus on academia.
  • The National Assembly supports H.R. 4240 because it would ease the administrative burden on our nation’s 7 million Pell Grant recipients. Increased access to Pell Grants would give more students access to higher education, providing them with the tools and supports needed to thrive.

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Bill Number


Date Introduced

September 06, 2019


House Education and Labor Committee

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Introduced or Prefiled