H.R.4608: Pell Plus Act of 2019


The Pell Plus Act (H.R. 4608) would allow institutions to provide a Pell Grant bonus to low-income students in their third and fourth years to aid in on-time completion of their Bachelor’s degree. Eligible students who are on track to graduate in four years would be given access to the same total Pell Grant amounts that are currently made available only to those who take six years to complete. The additional funds would be matched by participating institutions.

Talking Points

  • The Pell Plus Act would strengthen both the long-term financial stability of students so that they can go on to contribute to their communities in a meaningful way after college rather than being burdened by student loan debt.
  • Pell Grants primarily aid low-income students and students of color, who traditionally shoulder the most student loan debt. By expanding Pell Grants this bill will increase equity in our classrooms and workforce.

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October 04, 2019


House Education and Labor Committee

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