H.R.5045: Veteran Employment and Child Care Access Act of 2019


The Veteran Employment and Child Care Access Act (H.R. 5045) would create a federal program to help ensure that veterans transitioning to civilian life can access affordable child care while seeking employment, which is especially important for low-income veterans on the cusp of homelessness or those already homeless. Homeless veterans with dependent children often give up their earned benefits because they have no means to afford childcare. Currently, the Veterans Administration has four pilot programs that offer on-site childcare that have been successful in increasing access to services for veterans and their families.

S. 2825 is the Senate companion bill.

Talking Points

  • No family should have to choose between VA benefits and affordable childcare. This bill will give thousands of children the opportunity to participate in early childhood development programs which is critical to future academic performance.

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November 12, 2019


House Veterans' Affairs Committee

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