H.R.509: Human Trafficking Accountability Act


The Human Trafficking Accountability Act (H.R. 509) would require at least one assistant U.S. Attorney in each judicial district to serve as a Human Trafficking Justice Coordinator (HTJC), who would be responsible for ensuring increased exploration of all potential cases of human trafficking, and direct the Attorney General to designate a career Deputy Assistant Attorney General as Human Trafficking Coordinator (HTC) at the Department of Justice, who would be responsible for coordinating the HTJCs across the country.

These positions would: (1) prosecute cases of forced labor, international sex trafficking and similar acts of force, fraud or coercion as well as ensure restitution for victims; (2) collaborate with various federal agencies, state and local law enforcement, and victims services providers to build partnerships to better identify and prosecute human trafficking cases with a victim-centered approach; and (3) improve outreach and awareness of human trafficking.


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January 11, 2019


House Judiciary Committee

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Lindsay Torrico
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