H.R.5225: POWER Act


The Protect Our Workers from Exploitation and Retaliation (POWER) Act would provide critical labor protections for some of our country’s most vulnerable immigrant workers and contains vital safeguards against retaliation by employers. The bill would expand eligibility for a U visa to certain workers involved in a workplace claim who reasonably fear or have been threatened with force, physical re­straint, acute harm, or other abuses. The bill would also expand which law enforcement agencies can certify to include relevant state and local investigative authorities to meet current realities of workplace abuse. Additionally, workers who have filed or who are material wit­nesses in a workplace claim would receive a stay of re­moval and employment authorization until the work­place claim is resolved. This would allow labor law en­forcement agencies such as the Department of La­bor to prosecute employers who break the law more effectively. The bill would also require DHS to en­sure that workers detained as part of worksite immigra­tion enforcement are not removed from the U.S. before an agency investigating allegations of labor violations has a chance to interview these workers.

S. 2929 is the Senate companion bill.

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November 21, 2019


House Judiciary Committee

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Rep. Judy Chu