H.R.557: Protect Patriot Spouses Act


The Protect Patriot Spouses Act (H.R. 557) would prevent this form of separation of military families. This bill would render certain military spouses eligible for adjustment of their immigration status, by amending the Immigration and Nationality Act to remove the inadmissibility standard because of an unlawful entry into the United States by the migrant spouse. The bill would further render additional inadmissibility waivers, if the Secretary of Homeland Security is satisfied that the spouse does not pose a threat to the public and has not perpetrated any criminal offenses in violation of federal or state law unrelated to the spouse’s status. The bill would only apply to spouses of active service members or retired service members that were honorably discharged.

Currently, undocumented spouses of service members are not entitled to citizenship, or residence, because they married a member of the armed forces. These spouses are eligible to apply only for Parole in Place (PIP), to stay in the United States while remedying their immigration status. However, this parole is granted sparingly and on a discretionary basis. This leaves numerous military spouses in legal jeopardy and subject to deportation.


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January 15, 2019


House Judiciary Committee

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