S.136: ELEVATE Act of 2019


The Economic Ladders to End Volatility and Advance Training and Employment (ELEVATE) Act (S. 136) would establish new employment, training, and supportive service programs for the long-term unemployed and individuals with barriers to employment. This bill would establish a grant program through Social Security for States to initiate or expand subsidized employment services, specifically for long-term unemployed individuals, people who face persistent economic disadvantage, and areas that are facing a period of economic contraction. It would help with both cyclical and structural unemployment by creating a designated funding stream for targeted populations and increasing the federal matching rate in times of (and in areas with) high unemployment. ELEVATE job-seekers would receive up to 6 months of evidence-based workforce interventions in addition to wages and wraparound services to assist them in developing the skills and contacts needed to make them successful in the current job market upon completion of a program. To promote worker mobility, The bill would also create federal self-employment and relocation assistance programs for qualified workers to help them afford the cost of moving and starting their own businesses. Und this bill dislocated workers, and long-term unemployed individuals would also be eligible for assistance in moving to a new area to earn family-sustaining employment. Such assistance may cover up to 90% of reasonable expenses, subject to a cap of $2,000 for an individual.

H.R. 556 is the House companion bill introduced by Rep. Danny Davis.


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January 15, 2019


Senate Finance Committee

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Sen. Ron Wyden

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Isha Weerasinghe
Senior Policy Analyst, Youth