S.1483: Survivor Outreach and Support Campus Act


The Survivor Outreach and Support Campus Act would require institutions of higher education to have an independent advocate for campus sexual assault prevention and response. The Advocate shall represent the interests of the student victim even when in conflict with the interests of the institution. The Advocate may not be disciplined, penalized, or otherwise retaliated against by the institution for representing the interest of the victim, in the event of a conflict of interest with the institution.

Responsibilities of the Advocate:
• Ensure victims receive 24-hour access to: (1) how to report campus sexual assault to law enforcement; (2) emergency medical care; and (3) medical forensic or evidentiary examinations.
• Ensure victims have access to: (1) crisis intervention counseling; (2) information on victim’s rights and referrals to outside services; and (3) information on legal services.
• Support the victim in any institution-based adjudication proceeding related to the assault in the role of advocate for the victim.

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Talking Points

  • The National Assembly supports this bill that would increase supports for victims of sexual assault on the campuses of institutions of higher education.

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May 15, 2019


Senate HELP Committee

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Sen. Tim Kaine