S.1603: DELIVER Act of 2019


The DELIVER Act is bipartisan legislation that would increase the standard mileage rate from 14 cents per mile to 58 cents per mile for the tax deduction for the charitable use of a vehicle to deliver meals to older adults. The House version of the bill is H.R. 2928.

Talking Points

  • The existing charitable tax deduction rate has not been updated for more than 20 years.
  • Meal delivery for older adults is an essential service that allows them to thrive.
  • The DELIVER Act relieves the financial burden of meal delivery on volunteers, and makes these programs more accessible for everyone.
  • Additionally, it affirms the importance of older adults' access to meal delivery services.
  • The National Assembly supports S. 1603/H.R 2928, as they would give older adults increased access to supports and services that ensure well-being.

Our Stance




Bill Number


Date Introduced

May 22, 2019


Senate Finance Committee

Bill Status

Introduced or Prefiled