S.1650: Fostering Success in Higher Education Act of 2019


The Fostering Success in Higher Education Act (S. 1650) would seek to improve access, retention, and completion rates for foster and homeless youth in institutions of higher education. The bill would do this by working to strengthen states’ capacity to support these students as they transition to and attend college.

The main mechanism for achieving this would be a $150 million annually in grants over the next five years to States, for the purpose of establishing or expanding initiatives to assist foster and homeless youth in enrolling in and graduating from colleges and universities. 70 percent of these grants would go to developing Institutions of Excellence committed to serving foster and homeless youth with robust support services. The grants could also be used to provide financial assistance, including covering the remaining cost of attendance, comprehensive wraparound services, and hiring case managers. 25 percent of these grants to establish intensive, statewide transition initiatives to improve the college-going culture and increase enrollment of foster and homeless youth.

H.R. 2966 is the House companion bill.

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May 23, 2019


Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee

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Tanya Tassi
Policy Manager