S.1752: A PLUS Act


The Academic Partnerships Lead Us to Success Act (S.1752) would allow each state to receive federal elementary and secondary education funds on a consolidated basis. States would be allowed to use these block grants for any educational purpose permitted by state law but must make certain assurances that they will use fiscal control and fund accounting procedures, abide by federal civil rights laws, advance educational opportunities for the disadvantaged, and use federal funds to supplement rather than supplant state funding.

A declaration of intent must be formulated by a combination of specified state officials or by referendum and must list the programs for which consolidated funding is requested. This would have to include: (1) inform the public about its student achievement assessment system, (2) report annually on student progress toward the state’s proficiency standards by specified student groups, and (3) provide for the equitable participation of private school children and teachers in the same manner as provided for under current law.

H.R. 3149 is the House companion bill


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June 05, 2019


Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee

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