S.2302: America's Transportation Infrastructure Act of 2019


America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act of 2019 This bill addresses several provisions related to highway transportation infrastructure, including provisions to improve road safety, accelerate project completions, improve resiliency to disasters, and reduce highway emissions. Among other things, the bill reauthorizes several transportation programs from FY2021-FY2025, including the federal-aid highway program and the transportation infrastructure finance and innovation program; increases funding for tribal and federal lands transportation programs; provides for a bridge investment program to award competitive grants to certain governmental entities for projects that improve (1) the condition of bridges; and (2) the safety, efficiency, and reliability of the movement of people and freight over bridges; requires the Department of Transportation to encourage each state to develop a voluntary plan that provides for the immediate and long-term personnel and workforce needs of the state to deliver transportation and public infrastructure projects; establishes a two-year goal for the completion of environmental review with respect to highway projects and a 90-day timeline for related project authorizations; sets forth several new climate-related grant programs, including for resiliency, carbon reduction, charging and refueling, alternative road user fees, carbon capture, and diesel emissions; expands the flexibility and eligible uses of formula funds provided out of the Highway Trust Fund; and prioritizes the research and development of animal detection systems that reduce the number of wildlife-vehicle collisions.


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July 29, 2019


Senate Environment and Public Works Committee

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