S.2462: Low-Income Solar Energy Act


The Low Income Solar Energy Act would:

1) Expand the Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) to include up to 25 percent solar in the program;
2) Create financing programs through the Department of Energy (DOE) to help low-income families access solar, such as interest buy downs, grants, and loan guarantees. Eligible expenses include roof repair, the cost of installation, and community solar subscriptions.
3) Provide Section 8 homeowner’s interest-free loans to install solar and make related infrastructure improvements.
4) Allow public housing authorities to enter into third party agreements with solar companies;
5) Update the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) rules on utility allowances to ensure that savings from solar energy does not lead to commensurate increases in rent; and
6) Create a $240 million solar workforce program through DOE that invests in underrepresented groups in the solar industry, including women, veterans, unemployed energy workers, and formerly incarcerated individuals.

H.R. 2491 is the House companion bill

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September 11, 2019


Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee

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