S.2634: Small Business Tax Fairness and Compliance Simplification Act


Small Business Tax Fairness and Compliance Simplification Act This bill expands the tax credit for a portion of the employer-paid Social Security taxes for employee cash tips to include beauty service establishments. (Under current law, the credit is limited to tips received for providing, serving, or delivering food or beverages.) The credit applies to tips received in connection with providing beauty services to a customer or client if tipping employees who provide the service is customary. “Beauty services” include barbering and hair care, nail care, esthetics, and body and spa treatments. The bill also (1) establishes an employer tip reporting safe harbor, and (2) specifies reporting requirements for income received from renting space to individuals who provide beauty services. The employer tip reporting safe harbor provides an exemption from certain Internal Revenue Service tip examinations for employers who meet certain requirements for educational programs, reporting procedures, compliance with tax law, and recordkeeping.

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October 17, 2019


Senate Finance Committee

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