S.291: Housing Choice Voucher Mobility Demonstration Act of 2019


The Housing Choice Voucher Mobility and Demonstration Act (S. 291) would authorize a demonstration to help families receiving housing vouchers move to areas with greater opportunities. The bill would require public housing authorities (PHAs) to submit a regional housing mobility plan detailing how the proposed group will assist families in moving to higher opportunity areas. It would authorize HUD to award demonstration program funds on a competitive basis and prioritize regional collaborations among PHAs that have high concentrations of voucher holders in low-opportunity neighborhoods and an adequate number of moderately-priced rental units in higher-opportunity areas, an existing high-performing Family Self Sufficiency program, or a strong regional collaboration including one or more small housing agencies, among other factors. Five years after implementation of the demonstration program, HUD will submit a report evaluating the effectiveness of the program, which will help identify the most cost-effective methods to move families to higher-opportunity areas.

H.R. 1122 is the House companion bill.

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January 31, 2019


Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee

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Sen. Todd Young