S.3025: Increasing Opportunity for Former Foster Youth Act


The Increasing Opportunity for Former Foster Youth Act (S. 3025) would establish and fund 10 to15 competitive grant programs each year to “identify programs with evidence of effectiveness, determining if they can be replicated with fidelity and demonstrate results, and scaling up successful programs so more youth receive effective services that help them to transition successfully to adulthood.”

The grants being offered in this bill would be broken into three different categories which included:
1) Validation grants, that test the efficacy of programs with only a moderate level of evidence;
2) Development grants, that help carry out programs that are working to build effectiveness;
3) Replication grants, that help perpetuate programs with the strongest evidence of effectiveness.

The funding for this bill’s grant program would appropriate $20 million annually over the next five years; this would be funded through provisions that are expected to make child support collection more efficient.

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December 11, 2019


Senate Finance Committee

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