S.3083: Family Stability and Opportunity Vouchers Act of 2019


The Family Stability and Opportunity Vouchers Act (S. 3083) would create an additional 500,000 housing vouchers for low-income families with young children in order to expand their access to neighborhoods with high-performing schools, strong job prospects, and other resources. These new vouchers, which would be phased in over five years (100,000 annually), would be coupled with counseling and services with a strong record of supporting parents and helping families move out of neighborhoods of concentrated poverty.


Talking Points

  • Research shows that when children in poor families grow up in neighborhoods with low poverty, quality schools, and low crime, they are significantly more likely to attend college, less likely to become single parents, and more likely to earn dramatically more as adults over the course of their lifetimes This bill would make great strides to break the cycle of and allow more children to reach their full human potential.

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December 18, 2019


Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee

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Introduced or Prefiled


Sen. Todd Young

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