S.345: SWIFT Act


The SWIFT Act would modify eligibility requirements and increases benefits for widow(er)s and surviving divorced spouses under the Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) benefits program. The bill would make widow(er)’s benefits available to disabled individuals at any age, whereas currently the benefits are limited to such individuals between ages 50 to 60. The bill would raise the upper age limit for beneficiaries of a qualified dependent child from 16 to 18. The bill would also increase various limits on widow(er)’s benefits in certain instances and modifies the calculation for increased benefits for individuals who choose to delay receiving such benefits.

For current beneficiaries, increases in OASDI benefits under this bill shall not affect the beneficiary’s eligibility for any federal assistance program or the benefit amount to be received under such an assistance program.


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February 06, 2019


Senate Finance Committee

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