S.599: Singh's Law


Singh’s Law This bill establishes that aliens associated with a criminal gang shall be inadmissible into the United States and deported if already in the country. Such aliens are (1) subject to mandatory detention, (2) barred from receiving asylum, (3) ineligible for temporary protected status, and (4) barred from receiving special immigrant juvenile status. An alien associated with a criminal gang is one who (1) has been a member of a criminal gang or has participated in a gang’s activities, knowing or having reason to know that such activities will promote or support the gang’s illegal activities; and (2) has been convicted of a crime in the United States. The bill also provides for procedures for designating a group or organization a criminal gang, and also procedures for challenging and revoking such a designation. The Department of Justice may provide grants to states and local governments to assist (1) efforts to combat criminal and youth gangs, and (2) gangprevention activities.

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February 28, 2019


Senate Judiciary Committee

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Sen. Tom Cotton