S.839: JOBS Act of 2019


The JOBS Act (S.839) would expand Pell Grant eligibility to students enrolled in quality short-term education and training programs offered by public institutions of higher education. The goal of this bill would be to create high skilled workers for the millions of vacant jobs that go unfilled due to a shortage of qualified workers.

Under this bill, an eligible job training program must provide no less than 150 hours of instructional time over eight weeks, provide training aligned with the needs of employers in a state or local area, and provides a student, upon completion of the program, with a recognized postsecondary credential. To qualify for a Job Training Pell Grant, a student must attend an institution of higher education, not yet attained a postbaccalaureate degree, and meets the standard Federal Pell Grant requirements.

H.R. 3497 is the House companion bill

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March 14, 2019


Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee

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Sen. Tim Kaine