S.994: ACTION for National Service Act


The ACTION for National Service Act (S. 994) would expand opportunities for national service and also provide a higher education benefit for serving individuals. Under the bill, the National Service Foundation would be established and given $2.5 million in start-up funding, as well as, being able to solicit donations and award benefits to volunteers. Other provisions in this bill would include:

1) Set a goal of one million annual national service positions, to be achieved ten years following enactment.
2) Give individuals who complete one year of national service an educational award equivalent to two years of in-state public college tuition, and four years of tuition for two years of service.
3) Elevate the Corporation for National and Community Service to a cabinet-level, independent agency: the National and Community Service Administration
4) Make national service education benefits and living stipends free from federal taxation.
5) Increase access to national service opportunities by raising living stipend amounts.
6) Create a 21st Century American Service Outreach Program that will notify eligible individuals starting at the age of 17 about opportunities to serve in national service programs and how to register.

H.R.3464 is the House companion bill.

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April 02, 2019


Senate Finance Committee

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Sen. Jack Reed